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Chris Baucom

Owner, Photographer & Videographer

Chris is a native North Carolinian, born and raised in the foothills of the state.  It was there that he first found his passion for photography. In college at Appalachian State University, he learned the basics of photography shooting black and white film while studying journalism.  Because of that journalism background, he is often said to have a documentary style of photography, capturing moments as they happen rather than staging images.  

He continued to pursue photography after college and as his career progressed he also added videography to his work.  

His photographs have been published in various magazines, advertisements and travel guides, and have won best in class in photography in nationwide competition.  He has produced videos that have been distributed to a number of cable television stations as well as numerous online publications. 

Chris has clients all over North Carolina and surrounding areas. His passions in photography include portrait photography, landscape photography, and event photography.  He has built an extensive landscape photography collection that focuses primarily on North Carolina, in addition to an extensive portfolio of portrait and event photography work.  He loves his work, and loves to give his clients photos and videos that perfectly capture their biggest moments in life.  

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